About Us

SAWAD LAND started their services in Baghdad 2017 providing internet services and information technology solutions with 100% Iraqi hands that have more than 12 years experience in communications and internet.

Our company offers providing internet services, networking establishment, technical and logistical support for governmental firms and regional organizations.

In a brief period, the company developed it existence by creating strong and reliable biases in the Iraqi market. And will continue its Expansionism strategy in line with the Growing demand on the internet services and IT solutions.

Our cadres that we proud of have a high amount of Professionality and integrity with a fast response to issues result from the long practical experience they had through them we commit our selfes to make a doupled effort reaching the high standards of quality and excellence.


Network Solutions

We always seek to provide appropriate solutions and carefully designed to meet the needs of the business sector and the growing interest in the work systems need occurred to link all sectors and installations quick link networks provides speed and security workers and users of information.


Provide the most important needs of E-security services and protection of digital infrastructure at all levels, which has become one of the basic pillars of the mission of any organization which seeks to strengthen its sovereignty and the electronic information and data.

Programming Solutions

We aim always to keep pace with the development process of the program according to the latest scientific methods and to establish the creativity and mastery based on the cadres with the experience of software, aiming to provide integrated solutions to customers in all areas of software and the achievement of their requirements accurately and efficiently.