The launch of the training courses for SAWAD LAND Academy


The launch of the training courses for SAWAD LAND Academy

SAWAD LAND Academy launches its training courses for networks and information technology to provide the Iraqi market with new youth competencies and energies. Where SAWAD LAND Academy held the first lectures for its students inside its main headquarters located in Baghdad, Al-Qadisiyah region. The course was dedicated to giving the official academic syllabus from the famous MicroTik Academy. This course qualifies students to pass the online test to obtain the MTCNA certificate from MikroTik, in addition to direct practical training to enable the student to understand the basics of dealing with MikroTik devices and facilitate his entry into the Iraqi labor market. It is noteworthy that SAWAD LAND Academy offers a full range of courses in networks and information technology, in partnership with the Cisco Networking Academy and MikroTik Academy, as well as an approved exam center by Pearson VUE.

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2023-06-07 00:00:00

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