Sawad Land Academy

The Black Land Academy, in partnership with Microtech Academy, offers all Microtech specialized courses at all levels through a distinguished cadre of qualified and experienced professors and lecturers in the field of networks and information technology, in addition to training and practical application of all methodological topics and on the latest equipment.

Mikrotik courses

Mikrotik MTCNA

MTCNA is the cornerstone of the Mikrotik Certification path. In this class, students will learn how to use Mikrotik routers in everyday situations. Whether you are to Routing & Switching or if you are seasoned veteran, this class is for you.

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Mikrotik MTCRE

MTCRE covers static and dynamic routing scenarios where students will be able to build and troubleshoot a routed network using static routing, RIP, OSPF and VPN.

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Mikrotik MTCWE

Students will learn advanced wireless topics and standards, how to setup wireless distribution networks, point-to-points links, wireless bridging and much more .

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Mikrotik MTCTCE

The course provides advanced training on firewall, filtering, NAT techniques. The course also covers Quality of Service, DNS, DHCP and Web Proxy.

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Mikrotik MTCINE

This course provides a through look at the advanced routing capabilities of Mikrotik Routers. Students will learn BGP, MPLS, VPLS and Virtual Routing &Forwarding.

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Mikrotik MTCUME

This course is designed to give you the ability to manage users in different types of connections such as: PPP, PPPOE, PPTP, and L2TP. Also students will learn how to implement PPP and IPsec Tunnels.

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