Who We Are ?
Sawad Land, as a company providing Internet Services and Information Technology, initiated work in Baghdad in the year of 2017 with a staff of over 12 years of experience in the field of communication and Internet.
The story behind the name of “Al-Sawad Land” ?
It is derived from a name that is used to describe the lands of Iraq. This name stems from the green lands and tall palm trees land in various dictionaries of Arabic. It generally refers to thriving and flourishing. The word “Sawad” in Al-Raed dictionary refers to the plain lands in which palm trees pile up with oher species of plants for it is seen as black from a distance. This is the concept of us naming our company such for it affirms with our message which states our will to expand our services all across Iraq with high quality, less expenses and different modern technological and digital services to be proud as an Iraqi company that is pioneer in the field of Internet and Information Technology.
What Services We Offer ?
We are looking forward to meeting our customers’ needs by providing them with a number of services that contribute to developing the quality of their outcome.,These include the provision of Internet service for individuals and the business sector, providing information technology solutions in addition to low voltage systems.
What Types of Internet Packages are Offered ?
We provide a group of internet packages that are appropriate for self-usage at home or workplace with monthly payments that fit the provided quota of each package. In addition, we provide technical support 24\7. The two types of memberships that are available:

1. Essential:
Convenient for home use and it is of four different speeds that are suitable for all types of self-use such as surfing, chatting, video calling and watching videos of high definition.

2. Special:
Two types of memberships that are set for use in offices, stores and cafes which suit continuous and dense use such as surfing, watching 4K videos, downloading files and perfect online gaming experience.
How Can I Subscribe to The Internet Service?
By selecting the nearest agent of Sawad Land company where your site is sent to the sales department or by sending it on social networking sites.
How do I Know What Type of Subscription I Have ?
Enter the link, enter your username and password for your subscription and then you will be redirected to the subscription details.
How Can I Become a Sawad Land Agent?
By calling or attending the company headquarters and locating the nearest repeater yo ypu.
Sawad Land Coverage
Our coverage area includes the entire province of Baghdad, both Karkh and Risafah and their administrative directories. It also covers provinces like Dyalah, Wasit, Babil and Anbar and their various administrative directories.
Where Can I Find Sawad Land Wifi ?
It is available in many restaurants, cafes, public and entertainment areas.