Alarm Systems

We provide and install alarm systems that are used for fire-fighting purposes. These systems are electronically controlled, designed and made in Iraq to meet the requirements of the Iraqi environment. This yields many privileges, such as easy attainment of spare parts with low prices. It is also possible to use this system with some well-known sensor systems such as smoke detectors sensors, heat sensors, gas sensors and fire sensors.

    Service Advantages:
  • System performance is compatible with most industrial applications because the system is programmed by Iraqi engineers.
  • The system can be used with most internationally known sensors such as smoke, heat, gas and flame sensors.
  • The use of optical fiber to transfer data to and from the control panel, making the process of control and data transfer in the room more reliable.T
  • Control all operations of the control panel at different locations using the calculator in the central control room.
  • The possibility of local extinguishing the fire inside the control cabins by direct or indirect extinguishing.