Nurse Call system

We provide and install a high tech innovative system to call nurses with the least expenses. This system allows to record the nurses’ movements on an advanced central computer that can work non-stop without excessive use of electricity and it is linked with an LCD monitor of different sizes as required. The system also allows to record the time in which a call takes place and how many minutes it takes for a nurse to arrive at the incident location, in addition, it saves records of long term happenings with the possibility to access them at any time needed, this in turn facilitates the process of observation and administration. The nurses will also be trained on how to operate the system’s notification procedures and private courses will be given to maintenance staff in case any changes take place.

    Service Advantages:
  • High speed locating the call.
  • Record the time of any call with the measurement of the time between the moment of the call until the arrival of the nurse to the room and store records for longitudinal periods and refer to them in time of need, which facilitates the process of monitoring and management.
  • Linking the monitoring devices of the patient on the system with the emergence of special indicators.
  • Identify the nurse that responded to the call.
  • Recording the movements of nurses on an industrial central calculator withstand the continuous operation and non-consuming electricity and tied to the LCD screen of different sizes on request.
  • Provide training courses for nurses on how to deal with system notifications.
  • Provide training courses for maintenance staff to understand the system and how to deal with it in the event of changes.