This service provides a local network connection within the multiple branches of a particular establishment in order to enhance the efficiency of the administrative work and improve the procedures of sharing resources and data.

This service can be used in major directories, banks, multi-branch companies that require local network connection that is connected to the internet or not. Data in the internal network are private which cannot be utilized or traded by only those who are authorized.

    Service Advantages:
  • One of the pillars of Quality Assurance in the digital system for the accuracy of the quality control process.
  • Information in the intranet is private, not allowed to be used or shared, except by a private group of users.
  • The service operates over a local geographical area within a local network across the Iraqi governorates or within one province. Voice services and video meetings between the branches of the company.
  • Provides the possibility of communication and transfer of information, services to identify the information resources available in the network, search for information and deal with it.
  • The possibility of adding network privacy security systems such as firewalls to protect the privacy of internal data for one organization..
  • Sharing the resources and infrastructure of the company / institution through the local network is an important advantage of this service because of its impact on economic feasibility.