Voice Over Internet Protocol - VoIP

This service gives your company the prerequisite basis to create the most advanced mono-communication applications including web conferences and video. It transmits voice through internet or local networks instead of transmitting them through the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network, by so doing, those who are connected to the internet or a local network can reach one another via this service.

    Service Advantages:
  • Reduce telephone costs.
  • Expand your phone system as necessary.
  • Allow users to install their phones anywhere in the office.
  • Easily communicate users between branches, no matter how far between them, and any user in any branch of the institution can answer any phone to other branches of the institution with little power.
  • Ability to group conversations, voicemail, the ability to keep and add details of the people who call them, control the numbers can prevent a call or receive a certain number and the possibility of video calling between callers and others.